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August 5, 2011

Disclosure is an issue which causes a great deal of anxiety for many people with epilepsy. However, if you have the facts and approach the issue logically, the outcome is usually positive, providing you with peace of mind. Thinking about disclosure includes four main questions. 1. Should I tell my employer/potential employer about my epilepsy?…

Employees’ Guide to Epilepsy in the Workplace

August 5, 2011

Think about the job you have. What are the duties? What qualifications did you need to get it? Consider carefully each of the following issues. If any of them do affect your job performance, what reasonable accommodations can would reduce or eliminate their impact? These questions may come up after you have disclosed your epilepsy.…

Epilepsy and Employment – Things to Consider

August 5, 2011

Many people with epilepsy are dissatisfied with their employment status. This can be risky because lower income, underemployment and unemployment are linked to difficult living conditions, loss of self esteem and higher rates of ill health and health-related problems. Epilepsy should not be a major determining factor in a person’s ability to perform well in…