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New case manager is connecting people with the epilepsy services they need

June 25, 2024

By Deron Hamel Josh Gieg says the most exciting part of his new position as Epilepsy Ontario’s case manager is connecting people living in under-served areas of Ontario with epilepsy services. Josh, who stepped into his role May 29, also says he enjoys promoting collaboration and diversity within the epilepsy community. But helping people with…

Experiences with epilepsy inspire student to educate teachers about the condition

May 3, 2024

By Deron Hamel Matthew Farrish says he hopes to one day help students and their teachers better understand epilepsy and the challenges children living with seizure disorders face at school. Having lived with epilepsy since age 2, Matthew, who grew up in Thunder Bay, knows first-hand about this. “While attending school in northern Ontario, I…

Renowned crime author inspires student with epilepsy to focus on her dreams

April 8, 2024

By Deron Hamel   While recovering from a tonic-clonic seizure, Lyndsey Canini says she found inspiration and motivation to continue pursuing her studies in creative writing and criminology after learning about the life of one of the world’s most celebrated authors.   At the time, the University of Ottawa student says she had been released from…

How a positive attitude helped student overcome epilepsy challenges

March 4, 2024

By Deron Hamel Amber Demers recalls the first time she experienced a seizure – it was in 2007, the day before classes began when she was a first-year university student. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with epilepsy. Simultaneously, Amber found herself facing two new challenges: living with a seizure disorder and dealing with a full-time…