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Divalproex sodium shortage expected to end soon, but that doesn’t curb family’s anxiety

March 17, 2016

By Deron Hamel Although a multifaceted effort is underway to end a  severe  shortage of divalproex sodium (Epival), a commonly used anti-seizure drug, the anxiety created by the limited amount of the lifesaving medication lingers, says Lynda Bowyer. Bowyer, whose 21-year-old daughter takes Epival to control her seizures, says this is the first time her…

Finding your right epilepsy medication can be trial and error

May 9, 2013

Finding a patient’s correct epilepsy medication and dosage can be a matter of trial and error for doctors, but there are things people living with seizure disorders can do to assist in the process. The first challenge for doctors is often making the right diagnosis, says Dr. Peter Carlen, a neurologist at Toronto Western Hospital’s…

Alternative drug therapy, close physician contact recommended during clobazam shortage

January 24, 2013

People who are taking clobazam for seizures and are at risk of running out of the drug should be discussing alternative drug therapies with their prescribing physician. This can help to ensure that the patient-doctor relationship is strong, says Dr. Jose Martin del Campo. A medication alternative recommendation from Martin del Campo, a neurologist at…


August 5, 2011

Phenobarbital is available in Canada by prescription only. Known as Phenobarbital Phenobarb Luminal Uses Phenobarbital (the longest-established anticonvulsant medication) controls epileptic seizures, depresses the central nervous system and is used occasionally as a sedative. It is generally used to control tonic-clonic, and simple partial seizures. There is disagreement about its efficacy for complex partial seizures.…