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First Aid

When calling for help

February 14, 2012

Be prepared to give the following information: The type of emergency. (i.e. status epilpeticus or an injury due to a seizure) Your name The address or location and main intersection The telephone number you are calling from Remember: an emergency call (911) from a pay phone is free) Before the ambulance arrives  Be aware of…

Emergency Signs

February 13, 2012

Call an ambulance if you notice any of these warning signals during and/or after a seizure. A seizure lasts longer than five minutes or starts again after a few minutes. This could be status epilepticus, which requires immediate medical assistance. Unusual pain after the seizure. This can be a symptom of seizure-related injury. Seniors may…

Things to Remember

February 13, 2012

When you see someone having a seizure, do not be frightened. Remain calm and remember the following facts: Duration Once a seizure has started, you cannot stop it – just let it run its course and end naturally on its own. Most seizures last from seconds to a few minutes, although the person may be…

First Aid in the Water

February 13, 2012

If a seizure occurs while a person is in the water, follow these procedures. While in the water Turn the person face up. Support the face out of the water. Tilt head back to keep airway clear. Get the person out of the water as soon as possible.  Once out of the water Place person…