Toronto boy raises $7K through bake sale to send 4 kids to Summerfest Camp

June 15, 2017

By Deron Hamel

A Toronto boy has raised more than $7,000 with a bake sale he spearheaded to send four children living with epilepsy to Summerfest Camp.

Nine-year-old Brody is seen here delivering a cheque for “over seven thousand” dollars to Epilepsy Ontario executive director Paul Raymond. Brody raised the money with a bake sale in March. The money will help send four children with epilepsy to Summerfest Camp.

Nine-year-old Brody, who was diagnosed with epilepsy last September, told his mother, Tammy Baruch, he wanted to do something in recognition of Purple Day, the international day of epilepsy awareness, on March 26.

He first suggested a lemonade stand, but with March’s cool temperatures, Brody and Tammy decided a bake sale might be a better idea. Since baking is something the family already enjoyed, it was a perfect fit, Tammy says.

Tammy then sent e-mails to the family’s friends and relatives, explaining they were having a bake sale to raise money to send children with epilepsy to Summerfest Camp. Everyone was given a week to place their orders for cookies and muffins, which were made by Tammy, Brody and Brody’s sister, Charlie.

But within 24 hours, Tammy had to stop accepting orders; there were too many to fill.

“We couldn’t take any more orders because at that point we had received orders for over 100 dozen cookies and different things. We thanked people for their support, but I would have been baking until the new year, basically,” Tammy chuckles.

Still, many of the family’s friends and relatives wanted to support Brody’s fundraiser, so a lot of people made donations.

Going into its 23rd year, Summerfest Camp has an average of 20 to 40 children and youths who have epilepsy attend the program. While at the camp, the children participate in activities such as swimming, hiking, kayaking and sports.

Summerfest Camp, which is held at Camp Couchiching near Orillia, enables children aged six to 15 who are living with seizure disorders to attend camp with other children. The camp provides a setting where children can relax and have a good time.

Brody says he wants to do another fundraiser for Epilepsy Ontario next year.

“Next year we don’t know what we’re going to do, but we’re thinking about doing a little walk around the neighbourhood selling some of our baked cookies,” Brody says.

Tammy adds that Brody plans to up the ante for next year’s fundraiser.

“I’m going to have to start baking now,” she laughs, “because next year he wants to send seven kids to camp.”

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