Other Helpful Information – Charitable Receipting

Epilepsy Ontario follows the guidelines and directives set in place by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Charitable tax receipts are issued to those individuals whose participation in any third party event qualifies them for one. Not all third party events meet the CRA tax receipt conditions, please read below to see if your event meets the tax receipting standards.

Who is eligible for a tax receipt?
  • Anyone who sponsors an individual or group through a direct donation or paid pledge made to Epilepsy Ontario.
  • Any individual or group whose participation and support of the event makes a contribution beyond the fair market value of what they will receive in return for the contribution. This will need to be assessed by Epilepsy Ontario to ensure that the fair market value meets the conditions set out by CRA.
Who is NOT eligible for a tax receipt?
  • Any individual who has paid an admission fee to an event or program; purchased a raffle, lottery or draw ticket; purchased auction items; purchased products such as chocolate bars, cookies, flowers or other items; or who has received any other tangible benefit in return for their monetary contribution.
  • Any individual or company who has donated their services such as entertainment, decorations, tent set-up, staffing etc.
  • Any company/sponsor who receives advertising or promotional value in return for their involvement in the event. E.g. a title sponsor receives distinct signage and recognition, extensive logo and/or trade name use throughout the event including print materials. It should be noted that where sponsorships from companies/organizations have been requested, that there may be a greater tax advantage for a business to claim their monetary contribution as a business expense than a charitable donation. In such cases, Epilepsy Ontario would gladly offer a letter of thanks for the company’s sponsorship to support any corporate disbursements made to Epilepsy Ontario.
  • It always makes good sense to be open and proactive with individuals and companies about the receipting expectations to promote a positive event relationship.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions or need further information about CRA regulations.
Required information to issue a tax receipt

To produce a charitable donation tax receipt without delay, we require the donors:

  • Full Name,
  • Complete Mailing Address,
  • Total amount of the donation made
  • Name and date of Event