Important Information

Please know we are very grateful for your willingness to support Epilepsy Ontario through your fundraising events. It truly makes a difference. To support you and avoid any misunderstandings, we ask that you take a few minutes to review the terms and conditions below. If you have any questions, please contact the Resource Development Coordinator.

  1. Fundraising activities must be legal and ethical, i.e. the public perception of the activity must not be injurious to Epilepsy Ontario. Epilepsy Ontario prohibits the following activities in any of our fundraising activities including any fundraising activities associated with third-party events for the benefit of Epilepsy Ontario:
    1. Programs that raise money on commission;
    2. Events involving the promotion or support of a political party or candidate, or those which appear to endorse a political activity; and
    3. Direct solicitation (including but not limited to door-to-door canvassing, telemarketing or internet).
  2. All events supporting Epilepsy Ontario must have an accompanying Community Partnership Events Agreement submitted, and will require approval to proceed, based on appropriateness of events, and compatibility with our mission and values.
  3. Epilepsy Ontario will be able to provide information as available about our programs and services depending on the area, we may have specific materials that you can give out at your event.
  4. If requested and depending on availability, Epilepsy Ontario will have one of our staff or volunteers attend your event. The sooner you can indicate if you’d like us to attend, the more likely we can schedule this. Please note that an Epilepsy Ontario representative should be able to come without any additional expense – or cost. (ie will not be required to purchase a ticket to attend).
  5. Any and all sponsorship asks should be approved by Epilepsy Ontario in order to ensure that a ‘double or conflicting ask’ does not occur. A list of potential sponsors must be provided to Epilepsy Ontario for approval prior to any approach.
  6. Epilepsy Ontario must first approve all printed materials, including flyers, posters, tickets, and press releases that include Epilepsy Ontario’s name and logos. This is to ensure that Epilepsy Ontario’s name and logo are being used in accordance with our guidelines.
  7. The event must meet criteria set by the appropriate municipal/provincial government(s) if such criteria exist.
  8. Community Event Organizers may be required to provide insurance certificates upon request by Epilepsy Ontario, depending on the scale and scope of the event.
  9. All event expenses need to be covered through the event proceeds raised (eg sponsorship or ticket proceeds) and not through receiptable donations. Epilepsy Ontario cannot provide funding or cover costs incurred by the event.
  10. Community Event Organizers should clearly state the allocation of proceeds from the event -whether Epilepsy Ontario is receiving all, or a portion only, of the monies received. This information must be made clear in all public communications about the event as required by Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.
  11. All event proceeds being contributed to Epilepsy Ontario must be received within 30 days of the event.
  12. Epilepsy Ontario will not assume any legal or financial liability or managerial responsibility for your event.

Please also note that Epilepsy Ontario cannot:

  1. Provide our mailing lists/database use
  2. Pay for any supplies, mailings, costs associated with your event
  3. Sell tickets to our staff, clients or Board members
  4. Solicit sponsorships on your behalf
  5. Support any gaming /liquor license requests