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Women and Epilepsy

Horse rider’s determination trumps epilepsy, says stable owner

May 2, 2013

May 2, 2013 — Susy Niles says she wasn’t scared the first time she saw Lia Turner have a seizure while riding her horse — to the contrary, she understood what was happening. Niles, the owner of Iron Horse Equestrian, where Turner rides, says she was able to remain calm during the episode because Turner…

Strong doctor relationships help ease Pamela-Anne Kinney off meds

April 18, 2013

April 18, 2013 — Pamela-Anne Kinney’s story of reducing the amount of her medication to control tonic-clonic seizures underscores the importance of people living with epilepsy having strong relationships with their doctors — and being advocates for their own health. Kinney, 48, has been affected by seizures since she was 16, after being struck by…

Freelance writer proving career goals can overcome epilepsy

April 11, 2013

Finding meaningful employment when you have an unpredictable seizure disorder can be challenging, but it’s an obstacle Pamela-Anne Kinney has overcome by pursuing her dream and harnessing her strengths as a storyteller. Upon completing a freelance writing course in November 2011, Kinney embarked on a career that satisfies her love of writing while allowing her…

Advocate puts a face to the need for epilepsy strategy

June 28, 2012

Given the high number of Ontarians living with epilepsy, there needs to be an effective action plan to support the quality of life of people affected by the neurological disorder, says Miranda Zeppieri. Zeppieri, 28, knows this first-hand — she has had a seizure disorder caused by tuberous sclerosis her whole life, and this is…