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Finding your right epilepsy medication can be trial and error

May 9, 2013

Finding a patient’s correct epilepsy medication and dosage can be a matter of trial and error for doctors, but there are things people living with seizure disorders can do to assist in the process. The first challenge for doctors is often making the right diagnosis, says Dr. Peter Carlen, a neurologist at Toronto Western Hospital’s…

Alternative drug therapy, close physician contact recommended during clobazam shortage

January 24, 2013

People who are taking clobazam for seizures and are at risk of running out of the drug should be discussing alternative drug therapies with their prescribing physician. This can help to ensure that the patient-doctor relationship is strong, says Dr. Jose Martin del Campo. A medication alternative recommendation from Martin del Campo, a neurologist at…

Unable to get clobazam? Work with your doctor, pharmacist

January 10, 2013

If people who take clobazam to control their seizure disorder are unable to obtain the medication, they need to be working with their doctor and pharmacist to develop an alternative drug-therapy program. This is the message Karen Sullivan, Shoppers Drug Mart’s director of pharmacy professional affairs for Western Canada, recently shared with the Voices of…