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Epilepsy and Safety Around the Home

Trainer explains value seizure response dogs deliver

June 5, 2014

Gloria Peckham recalls how a British Columbia man, who received a seizure response dog she trained, is now living independently because of the canine. The man has a severe seizure disorder, and health authorities suggested he move into a group home because he experiences so many seizures. However, because the man now has a seizure…

Mother educates school on epilepsy guide dogs after misunderstanding

April 17, 2014

When Suzy Cornish’s daughter Ashley, accompanied by her epilepsy guide dog, recently went to a Kitchener school to pick up the son of a family friend, she was met by a teacher who told her she couldn’t enter the school with a dog. Ashley explaining to the teacher that her dog, Flicka, was not a…

Seizure response dogs ensuring safety, providing companionship

February 27, 2014

While guide dogs assisting people with visual impairment have been around hundreds of years, it’s only been in the past three decades that people with epilepsy have discovered the difference specially trained canines can make in their lives. Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides has trained more than 70 dogs to assist Canadians living with…