Epilepsy Ontario asking for consistent legislation to protect students with chronic conditions

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Ontario needs consistent legislation to ensure a safer public-school system for children with chronic medical conditions, including epilepsy, asthma and diabetes. This was Epilepsy Ontario executive director Rozalyn … Continue Reading →

Momentum around Purple Day growing at Queen’s Park


Engaging MPPs at Queen’s Park on Purple Day is paying off for Epilepsy Ontario, as evidenced by feedback the organization is getting from government officials. Epilepsy Ontario representatives … Continue Reading →

Agencies buzzing with activity to honour Purple Day


Epilepsy support agencies across Ontario are gearing up for Purple Day, the annual international event aimed at raising epilepsy awareness. Recognized every March 26, Purple Day was launched … Continue Reading →

Mother calls for more action to develop mandatory drug-shortage database

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When Diana went to fill her daughter’s clobazam prescription last week, she was in for a big surprise when the pharmacy told her it couldn’t supply her with … Continue Reading →

Want more epilepsy information? Then this is the webinar for you


Suzanne Nurse says she hopes a March 20 Epilepsy Ontario webinar will provide people with a better understanding of what epilepsy is. Nurse, an epilepsy information specialist who … Continue Reading →

OBCL Epilepsy Scholarship Awards are back — and you can apply now


Are you a student living with epilepsy entering your first year of university in September? If so, you have an opportunity to apply for an OBCL Epilepsy Scholarship … Continue Reading →

Seizure response dogs ensuring safety, providing companionship


While guide dogs assisting people with visual impairment have been around hundreds of years, it’s only been in the past three decades that people with epilepsy have discovered … Continue Reading →

Celebrate Purple Day 2014 – Show the world your support!


  Epilepsy does not discriminate!  No one is immune. In Ontario 65, 000 people are living with Epilepsy and every year over 6,000 people learn they have the … Continue Reading →

Clobazam still available but shortage is a concern

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Epilepsy Ontario has learned of a potential clobazam shortage. While there is a supply of clobazam in the market across Ontario and Canada, some pharmacies are reporting shortages … Continue Reading →