Putting Epilepsy Programs in Provincial Budget

February 22, 2018

Epilepsy Ontario has sent the provincial government recommendations on how to improve the lives of people with epilepsy, by funding community education and support programs at Community Epilepsy Agencies, as part of this year’s budget consultation.

Click here to send a short message of support to the Health and Finance Ministers.

While Epilepsy Ontario and Community Epilepsy Agencies connect with MPPs at the annual Queen’s Park Action Day, this is the first year a formal budget proposal has been submitted as part of the province’s pre-budget consultations. The submission recommends government funding for Epilepsy Agencies to continue and expand the work they do providing epilepsy education and first aid training and providing on-going client programs like support groups and counselling.

If successful, the funding could have a real impact on the lives of people living with epilepsy, ensuring all Community Epilepsy Agencies can provide the important information everyone needs when first diagnosed, like when a seizure is and isn’t a medical emergency or how to manage triggers. Those people who need more or specialized support, with work, school, or other challenges, will also get the help they need.

The provincial government already funds similar programs for other neurological conditions, like the Alzheimer’s First Link program, but so far hasn’t funded Community Epilepsy Agencies to do similar work. Programs like First Link, and information collected from Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario’s Clinic To Community epilepsy education program, have shown how important education programs could be in the lives of people living with epilepsy. Now is the right time to make the pitch to the provincial government.

Funding Community Epilepsy Agencies will be the focus at this year’s Queen’s Park Action Day in March. You can also show your support by sending a short message to the Health and Finance Ministers.  https://form.jotform.com/80445727484262

9 responses on “Putting Epilepsy Programs in Provincial Budget

  1. Ken and Hennie Farwell

    We have a grand daughter with epilepsy. It is very important that young people afflicted with this have resources and support. Awareness is vital to educate others but there is a real need for support from professionals and each other in order to give them opportunities and strength to live a normal life.

  2. Nicole Moore

    My daughter has had epilepsy for 18 years now. She has an average of 77,380 seizures a year. More needs to be done in our region to help those living and caring for those with epilepsy. I myself have not really slept in about nine years, and that has effected my job, my mental health and well being, not to mention this disorder has put a lot of strain on our family life as well. We need more support services for sure. We as parents need respite, and our children need better medication coverage, and surgery opportunities. Thank you for your time.

  3. William R Farmer

    Community Epilepsy Agencies play a vital roll in providing much needed services and these numbers are growing substantially. It is now more than ever that these agencies receive the funding required to maintain and improve the care and services that everyone in Ontario with Epilepsy deserve

  4. Mary Cizmar

    As a grandmother of a 21 year old I implore the government to help us with funds and services for these innocent children. It is very hard to watch the very limited abilities to look after themselves and very difficult on the family who are exhausted dealing with the situation. Please help. Thank you

  5. Tony

    Why does the Wynne Epilepsy Durham or other epilepsy agencies.

    If the Wynne government is a real government they would cover some or all of the high cost of the
    high cost people with epilepsy have to dig out of their pocket.

  6. Dianne McKenzie

    Each day we are asked to support a growing number of individuals newly diagnosed with epilepsy. To sustain the growing needs in our community it is critical to ensure that co-ordinated care for people with epilepsy is available across the province.
    Our primary goals are:
    Provide individuals and their family with information about seizures, seizure first aid and epilepsy.
    Provide a network of support services to help everyone in the family to live well with a diagnosis of epilepsy. Reduce the burden of epilepsy on the family, the health care team and the Ontario economy are critical.

  7. Paul Bowlby

    How can you, the Government of the people, keep ignoring this ongoing illness? You put in place a programme to give free prescriptions to those under 25, free medical care to refugees, Pension Plans for refugees and all those other things. How about looking after our own Canadian Citizens? There are a lot of Canadians, young and old, that suffer from Epilepsy with little hope of other than basic medical treatment. It’s about time you stepped up and looked after the people that voted for you, in good faith, hoping you will do what is in their best interest, not yours.

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