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February 1, 2012

Epilepsy Ontario has 17 local agencies, associates and contacts throughout Ontario. Each one provides direct services to the people in their specific region of the province. Agencies and associates are independently incorporated under the statutes of the Province of Ontario. They are governed by their own legally constituted volunteer board of directors.

We encourage you to contact your nearest local agency and make use of their services. Your time, talents and finances can help sustain and expand available support for people touched by seizure disorders in your community. With your support, everyone wins. Together we can make a difference!

Connect with your local agency today by clicking on your region’s epilepsy organization.

Epilepsy Agencies in Ontario

Central Ontario

Eastern Ontario

Greater Toronto

Northern Ontario

Southwestern Ontario

South Central Ontario

Looking for an epilepsy organization outside the province? Check out our supporting agencies that reach people beyond Ontario’s borders.