Neuropsychological Tests

August 8, 2011

Neuropsychological testing (also known as neuropsychometric testing) assesses a variety of brain functions including:

  • memory,
  • reading,
  • comprehension,
  • judgment,
  • motor abilities,
  • spatial perception and
  • ability to process and interpret information.

The tests quantitatively measure these functions to demonstrate possible abnormalities of the brain. This may help to identify the type of epilepsy an individual has and locate the origin of the patient’s seizures.

Individuals with epilepsy occasionally report difficulties with memory, concentration or other cognitive areas. Neuropsychological tests assess these abilities and provide information about a person’s strengths and weaknesses. This offers doctors some insight into the cause and severity of seizures. They may also aid in the patient’s evaluation for surgical treatment.

Before the Exam

  • Prepare a snack for your child to bring to the test as the procedures are lengthy.
  • If your child wear eye glasses or hearing aids, please ensure s/he wears them on the day of the test.

During the Exam

  • The neuropsychologist will ask your child to do the following tasks one at a time:
    • answer questions
    • solve puzzles
    • work with objects
    • remember words and sounds
  • The tests usually last three to four hours for a child but may take longer.

After the Exam

  • A neuropsychologist will interpret the results of the test and send the report to your child’s physician.
  • The physician will then make an appointment with you to discuss the results.


  • Neuropscyhologists
    • administer the test and interprets the results
  • Psychology Assistants
    • assist the neuropsychologist (HSC)
  • Doctors
    • receive reports from neuropsychologists
    • discuss the results with the patient


This test is covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

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One response on “Neuropsychological Tests

  1. Melanie Smith

    I am wondering if you can provide some direction, my 8 year old daughter was dx with epilepsy 4 years ago after a lot of trips to Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario and a number of requests for second opinions. Her neurologist recommended to her school to send her for a neuropsych exam, the school sent her for psychometry testing which I am told by the psychologist is not nearly as comprehensive as a neuro psych. The medications the neurologist has my daughter on have changed her personality completely from the happiest most fun loving cooperative child who loved school to a defiant, grouchy child who hates school and falls asleep. They say she has a learning disability and that she needs her neuropsych, we went back to CHEO and asked for this exam and we have now been on the waiting list for over year without so much as an idea of when she will be having her exam. She is falling farther and farther behind, no one is doing any further testing and I truly believe there is a lot more going on here then her epilepsy whether it is at the root I have no idea. I have been told by the psychomotrist that neuropsychs are not covered by OHIP but on your website it says that they are, so I am really rather confused as what to believe or how to go about getting her the help she needs to be successful. suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you

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