How You Can Help

August 7, 2011

Want to get involved? Join a local epilepsy agency and become a member today. We need volunteers like you to raise public awareness in your community and to educate your local politicians about this common brain disorder.

Epilepsy Ontario and local agencies are serving the needs of people living with epilepsy across Ontario, and to help to resolve human rights issues. Advocates perform a variety of functions, such as educating employers, raising awareness and assisting consumers with day-to-day needs.

People with epilepsy face barriers in education, housing, medication subsidies, insurance, employment and isolation. Gender, race and age further complicate these issues. Even location can be a barrier as rural areas often have limited access to the services that urban centres provide.

For more information about how you can join our team of advocates, contact your local agency or call Epilepsy Ontario at 1-800-463-1119.

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