OBCL funds its first Epilepsy Scholarship Awards

August 18, 2011

March 22, 2007
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THORNHILL – The Epilepsy Scholarship Awards, funded by Osler Business Consulting Ltd., will help young people living with epilepsy across Ontario continue their community or university studies. Each of the 12 winners will receive a $1000 award applicable to their 2007 academic year. The scholarship award program is open to all young people between the ages of 16 and 29, who are under the care of a Canadian physician for the treatment of epilepsy.

The students awarded an OBCL Epilepsy Ontario scholarship for 2007 are:

Emily Banks – London
Heather Bartok – Niagara
Jacquelin Chatterpaul – York Region
Skye Corey – London
Alex Dolan – York Region
Carolyn Harris – Windsor
Nathalie Holroyd – Durham
Nadim S. – Toronto
Melissa Seichter – Hamilton
Lindsay Smyth – Durham
Chelsea Tobin – Kingston
Lynn Wilkins – Toronto

“Part of the application process is writing a short essay on – how epilepsy has changed my life. These essays always provide us with the insight into how debilitating, complicated, stressful and in most cases life altering a diagnosis of epilepsy or seizure disorder can be for these young people” says Lawton Osler, Founder of the Scholarship, member of the review committee and member of the Board of Directors of Epilepsy Ontario.

In one essay entitled, Why Me? Why Not., the author explains “I went from the top of my class to a vulnerable human being lying in the middle of the street in less then ten minutes. The day started off like any other…”

“It is true that many of the essays begin with outlining the difficulties these young people face, but most, if not all, end with very powerful statements of valuable lessons learned about coping, dealing with difficulties, appreciating what they have and how we can all learn to overcome… and even prosper from adverse conditions in our lives.” Osler continues, “It is overwhelmingly touching to see the positive attitude and determination of these young adults”

Dianna Findlay, Executive Director of Epilepsy Ontario says, “These young people have learned to cope and deal effectively with their disorder. Many of our provincial programs and services strive to help people become more accepting of their seizure disorder as well as helping to create a more accepting society. We do this through education, awareness, information and advocacy.”

A special presentation will take place at 7 PM on Friday March 30th at the Dean’s Conference room, Medical Sciences Building, 1 King’s College Circle, University of Toronto. Refreshments will be served and Executive Committee members, Chapter agency staff and families are invited to join us in the celebration.

For more information please contact Epilepsy Ontario’s executive director, Paul Raymond, or your local epilepsy agency.

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