Living with Epilepsy

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We are not only students, business people, lawyers, store clerks, parents, children, or cousins, but also combinations of several different roles. These roles are important  parts of our makeup and provide us with responsibilities, goals, money, joy, stress and much more. Role activities help define who we are by representing the many parts that make us unique.

It is essential that people with epilepsy think of themselves as more than just “a person with epilepsy.” Epilepsy may be a life-changing diagnosis, but the disorder does not have to consume all the other facets of life.

Here, you will find all you need to know from education concerns to driving rules and regulations. Choose from the following headings to learn how you can take control of epilepsy and live life to the fullest.

Alcohol and Seizures

Children and Epilepsy

Driving in Ontario

E-Bikes (Electric Bicycles)



Family Dynamics

Life Fulfillment

Ontario Photo Card

Service Dogs (Seizure Alert/Assist)

Travel Assistance

Women and Epilepsy


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