Run for Epilepsy

Run for Epilepsy founders Trevor and Katie Lewis proudly wear purple in support of Epilepsy Ontario.

Katie and Trevor Lewis ran their first marathon together on Sept. 18, 2011. It’s an impressive feat for any 18-year-old, but crossing the finish line symbolized a much greater triumph for this father-daughter team.

For much of Katie’s life, frequent seizures made running a marathon little more than a distant dream. It wasn’t until a lobectomy in 2009 removed the part of her brain where her seizures originated that Katie became seizure free.

Since then, she and her father have been running marathons regularly to raise money for Epilepsy Ontario. In February 2011, they founded Run for Epilepsy as an epilepsy awareness campaign. Their fundraising efforts gained momentum quickly, raising thousands of dollars, several big-name sponsors and countless more supporters.

Setting the bar even higher, the two urged others to register for marathons and join their team as well. Whether they choose to run (or walk) alongside the Lewises in the marathon or not, all supporters are encouraged to take pledges and spread the word about epilepsy.

How can you support Katie and Trevor in their next run?

Visit their Facebook page or the Run for Epilepsy website. There you can find out more about epilepsy with their daily quick facts, place an order for your Run for Epilepsy merchandise, see photos from past runs, and more!

To learn more about Katie’s story in her father’s own words, click here. To see more Epilepsy Ontario events.

Thunder Bay Miles with the Giant Marathon 2011

Thunder Bay Miles with the Giant Marathon 2011 from Imagine Photo Cinema on Vimeo.

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