Safety Considerations

Usually, epilepsy does not interfere with the performance of any job. The exceptions are jobs such as airline pilots and military professions where the occurrence of a seizure could endanger the lives of others. Laws governing employment may vary, depending on whether you have an established history of epilepsy upon applying for a job or whether you develop it during your employment.

The following work environments and activities may pose special dangers for people whose seizures are not controlled:

  • unprotected heights
  • open water
  • high voltage or open circuit electricity
  • babies or young children
  • regular overseas tours of military duty
  • unguarded apparatus or machines
  • moving vehicles
  • chemicals, unguarded fires, ovens, hot plates
  • isolated sites
  • valuable, fragile equipment or objects.

If there is a possibility that seizures will occur at the work place, all staff should learn first aid procedures. The employee may have to disclose additional information regarding specific first aid procedures s/he requires.

Basic First Aid Guide.