Epilepsy in the News

We may have a long way to go before everyone knows the facts about epilepsy, but progress is underway! Epilepsy and seizure disorders are slowly making their way into the media. Peruse the links below for some excellent articles that shed light on this often misunderstood brain condition.

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Christian Noël, Radio-Canada - Les femmes épileptiques enceintes exigent de Santé Canada d’être mieux informées

August 23, 2016
Un médicament au centre d'un scandale en Europe, soupçonné d'avoir causé des dizaines de milliers de malformations congénitales, soulève de nombreuses questions au Canada     |     English translation: a drug [valproate] at the centre of a scandal in Europe,  believed to have caused tens of thousands of birth defects raises many issues in Canada. Click on the title to read the full article. Article is in French.  

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Brain Health

December 13, 2014
The National Post featured a special insert on brain health, including articles on epilepsy.

Canada AM: Drugs shortages in Canada

June 25, 2014
Canadian Medical Association President, Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti, highlights the serious implications and effects on people’s lives when epilepsy medications are not available.

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Mark McAllister Tells His Story of Living with Epilepsy

April 16, 2013
Global TV news reporter, Mark McAllister, experienced a seizure during a live news broadcast in 2011.  After receiving his diagnosis and thanks to a supportive employer, Global TV and the support he received from Epilepsy Toronto, Mark has taken the courageous step in speaking publicly about his epilepsy in an effort to create greater awareness and understanding. Global News

Inside Epilepsy

March 7, 2013
Global News' Five-Part Series.Global TV news reporter, Mark McAllister, and Whitney Ghoustone, a young mom who has had epilepsy surgery and become seizure free is featured and tell their stories.

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