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Epilepsy and the Law

Video helping law enforcement assess seizure disorders slated to be ready for Purple Day

December 7, 2012

Police officer Marcel Allen is hoping a video he’s working on for the Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) will help police officers nationwide better assess situations when approaching people who have gone into seizure. Since last speaking to the Voices of Epilepsy in March, Allen has been busy working on the video, which contains several…

Do you know your rights?

August 18, 2011

March, 2007 For immediate release Do you know your rights? 1% of the population of Ontario has epilepsy. We are aware that people with epilepsy continue to be discriminated against and are forced into social isolation. We have chosen lavender as a flower and colour since the lavender flower is traditionally associated with solitude, symbolizing…

Employees’ Guide to Epilepsy in the Workplace

August 5, 2011

Think about the job you have. What are the duties? What qualifications did you need to get it? Consider carefully each of the following issues. If any of them do affect your job performance, what reasonable accommodations can would reduce or eliminate their impact? These questions may come up after you have disclosed your epilepsy.…