Epilepsy Toronto

An Independent Partner Agency with Epilepsy Ontario

About Us

Epilepsy Toronto is dedicated to the promotion of independence and optimal quality of life for all people with epilepsy and their families. We envision a world in which epilepsy is widely understood, and where those who live with it feel fully supported. We build a caring community for people affected by epilepsy, through support, education and awareness.

We are solely dedicated to supporting people living with epilepsy to live well. Epilepsy Toronto provides information, counselling, support, and advocacy services to assist people with epilepsy to live independently, with dignity, as full participants in the community.

  • Children & Youth Services
  • Adult Support Services
  • Employment Services
  • Public Education and Diversity Outreach
  • Information & Advocacy


For an updated list of events, please visit the Epilepsy Toronto event page.